Poem of the Month

Poem of the Month

A new poem will be placed here each month, usually from one of my published collections.

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2020: A Sonnet

That was the year that was: Twenty-Twenty
when we locked the doors just as Spring burst
out of hedgerow and bank: wild flowers
in prodigious, pulsing, promiscuous plenty.

That was the year that was: going underground,
keeping our distance, washing our paws,
filling our wire chariots with toilet rolls
everyone shut in, shuttered, homeward bound.

That was the year that was: the silent killer,
unequal in its victims, picking on old and poor,
scuttling in the dark night in a balaclava,
while our cracks were stuffed with Polyfilla.

That was the year that was: Fate with his scythe
mowing us, culling us, taking his tithe.