Published July 2016.

‘Nicholas Murray unleashed his inner poet for his greatest nonfiction book, Crossings. An examination of borders of all kinds – cultural, political, linguistic – it is particularly poignant when he approaches liminal borders such as old age.’ Martina Evans – The Irish Times

‘This impressive collection of short pieces is part travelogue and part medi­tation on other, metaphysical borders the biographer and poet Nicholas Murray has experienced.​’ – The Tablet


Borders are among the most contested and sensitive concepts of our time. Why do we erect them? What are they for? Can we do without them? Why do they generate such passion?

With a global refugee crisis and a highly polarised debate in the UK about immigration and EU membership, Nicholas Murray’s lively and original exploration of the idea of borders – literal and metaphorical – could not be more timely. Drawing on personal experience, anecdote, literary and imaginative sources, he crosses and re-crosses our idea of the border, examining the dividing lines, margins, barriers, limits, thresholds, liminal spaces, exclusive categories that we erect between ourselves and others or even inside ourselves.

Nicholas Murray lives in the Welsh Marches, between Wales and England, where the idea of the border is not a matter of theory but a daily reality.

He is the author of several literary biographies and poetry collections and was the winner in 2015 of the Basil Bunting Prize for poetry. His latest poetry collection is The Migrant Ship (2016).

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